International Quality Professionals Guild, together with the Quality Leaders Club of the Central and Eastern European Countries since 2014 holds an annual International competition at management for youth within the framework of the Global Project "Youth creative movement "QUALITY RELAY RACE".

The purpose of Competition is to involve young people in the movement for business excellence and quality, its main objectives are:
- training, identifying and encouraging young professionals with knowledge and skills to enable them to promote sustainable development of their countries and enhance the quality of life;
- motivation to increase knowledge of young professionals in the field of management, in particular, knowledge and understanding on standards, concepts, models and methods of management;
- the development among young people the ability to apply knowledge in the field of business excellence and quality in practice, as well as transfer it to their colleagues among the younger generation of specialists in the field of management;
- development of cooperation between young professionals in the field of quality management, both within countries and at the international level;
- education of young people in the spirit of democracy, partnership, capacity for teamwork and ethical attitude towards society and the environment.

There are following general categories of Competition in the context of systems management features:
- on practices and methods of management;
- by target management systems based on standards;
- on management systems, based on the concepts and models of excellence (primarily EFQM model).

International competition on management aroused interest in a number of countries at different continents. Students and young professionals from Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Hungary, Italy, Kazakhstan, Cyprus, Lithuania, Russia, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, the USA, Ukraine and Uzbekistan took participation in this Competition.

The Competition takes place on several levels - the level of the universities (institutions), the level of countries, international level. A final internal round (Grand Prix) holds for the winners of the International competition. Organizing Committee of the Competition appoints the National Representatives for organization of International competitions in the Member States. In Ukraine, the competition is held under the auspices of the Ministry of Education and Science.

National representatives of the Organizing Committee in the Member States and the participants highly appreciated organization and implementation of Competition. They have repeatedly appealed to the Organizing Committee with words of gratitude for the opportunity to take part in this Competition and the resulting pleasure, noted its usefulness for further professional growth, and expressed willingness to participate in the Competition in the coming years.

International competition becomes traditional and contributes not only to better training of specialists in the field of management, but also improve the efficiency of economies of Member States, as well as the improvement of life on our Planet.

1. REGULATIONS for the International Competition on management for youth
3. METHODICAL MATERIALS for the International Competition on management for youth